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The Kaakkurin kierros trail goes through vast uninhabited forests. The trail is dotted with rugged cliffs and tens of clear lakes and ponds. In the summer you can hear the cackles of the red-throated diver circling its nesting pond. By other lakes you can hear the sound of black-throated diver. There are lots of elks in the forests. You can see footprints of lynxes, martens or otters in the snow in the winter, as well as the snow beds of game fowls, if you look carefully. Flying squirrels and owls live in the old forests too.

Length: 27km
Suitability: 1-3 days for beginner or intermediate hikers
Difficulty: moderate (some elevation changes)


Haukkalamminvuori: The locals used to make moonshine here. There’s a beautiful view from the top of the hill to the south, and on a clear weather, you can see the Vekaranjärvi barracks on the southeast horizon.
Olhavanvuori: Olhava is one of the best places for climbing in Finland. There’s a beautiful view to the south from the top of the hill.
Maustalamminvuori: There is a tower on top of the hill with a 360 degree view.
Kuutinkanava: An old timber floating flume reminding us of the times when these forests were used for forestry and owned by Kymi-yhtiö.
Katajavuori: From the top, you have a fantastic view to the west over Repovesi.
Suspension bridge: The suspension bridge at Lapinsalmi is one of the most popular spots at Repovesi, especially for children.
Ketunlossi: This hand pulled cable ferry takes you across Kapiavesi.

Services along the trails


Fresh drinking water can be found at Määkijä, Lojukoski, the Saarijärvi park entrance, Olhava and Kuutinkanava.


  • Määkijä lean-to
  • Lajukoski lean-to
  • Kirnukangas lean-to
  • Saarijärvi cottage (sauna)
  • The house of Tolonen
  • Olhava lean-to
  • Karhulahti tipi-like hut
  • Pihkapirtti cottage (sauna)
  • Kuutinkämppä cottage (sauna)

Equipment rental

The Kuutinlahti kayaking base


The trail is a circle route, which you can start at any of the park entrances.

Travelling tips

Kaakkurin kierros with one overnight stay

It’s possible to do the trail in two days and staying the night at one of the accommodations along the way. If you start at either the Lapinsalmi or Tervajärvi entrance, there is the Saarijärvi cottage with a sauna about halfway through the trail. What could be better than bathing in a sauna by the beautiful Saarijärvi lake after a hard day of hiking? If you start at the Saarijärvi entrance, then the Määkijä lean-to is about halfway.

Kaakkurin kierros with two-night stay

If you want to stay for two nights, you might want to stay at the Lajukoski lean-to for the first night. It’s about a two-hour hike from the Saarijärvi and Tervajärvi entrances. On the second day, after a full day's hike you can stay either at the Kuutinkämppä cottage or the Pihkapirtti cottage or the Mustavuori tipi-like hut. There are saunas at Kuutinkämppä and Pihkapirtti.

Kaakkurin kierros shortened

The official Kaakkurin kierros trail goes past Olhava and goes around the Olhavanlampi pond from the west. Some might feel that the trail from Riuttavuori down to Karhulahti and then to Olhava is a bit uneventful, so if you want to make your hike a little shorter and you don’t mind missing Karhulahti, you can climb over the Olhavanvuori hill and enjoy the spectacular scenery along the way.


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