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The Kuutinkanava Canal, built in 1912, is one of the best-known sights in Repovesi. In the beginning, this 270-meter-long floating flume was constructed with large stones. However, there wasn’t enough water for the drive, so they built the wooden flume on top of it. The structure was repaired in 1937 and in 1956. The existing flume was built in 1996, per the original design by The ELY centre, Valkeala council and UPM-Kymmene.

The floating flume between the Tervajäri Lake and Kuutinkanava shortened the timber rafting time by two weeks, which made Kuutinkavana an essential asset for the timber delivery system in the area. Earlier the timber rafting route was via Luujärvi and Tihvetti to Repovesi and onwards to Vuohijärvi.

Camp fires

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One of the gems in Repovesi

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