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The history of logging at Repovesi

The area of Repovesi used to be an important source of timber for Kymin Osakeyhtiö (now known as UPM-Kymmene). The areas were chosen for fellings and marked in the summer, and the loggers came to do the work by hand saws and axes in the winter. In the spring the timber was rafted from Repovesi through Vuohijärvi to Siikakoski, and onwards along the Kymijoki river to the factories in the south. The companies built loggers' huts at the logging sites where the workers could live, and visit home only on Sundays.

There were many logger huts in Repovesi area. Kymiyhtiö owned huts in Kivisilmä, Perävuori, Saarijärvi. In Sikoniemi there was a high-level logger hut with sheets provided by the company. Tampella owned huts in Emäntälahti at Luujärvi and Woikoski by the shore of Haimijärvi.

The huts were divided in two, with the workers living on the one side (there were 20 beds and a table and seats). The other side had the foreman’s office, the kitchen and the matron’s bedroom. The food was served through a window between the two sides. 


Tervarumpu village was located in the heart of Repovesi. In the 1950s the Finnish defense forces started planning a training area, and they decided to found Pahkajärvi, the training area east of Repovesi. In the middle of the military area there was a small village, Tervarumpu. The houses and the land were expropriated from the people living there. The village died but the stories lived on in other villages. The Vekaranjärvi garrison was built next to the training area 10 years later.


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