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The tale of Tervarumpu

Before it was all about the home, the family and the forest. People lived in the distant corners of the untraveled lands leading easygoing but hardworking lives, happy. People were one with nature.
But then the world changed. The nature changed into a grey jungle of concrete and endless pressure to succeed. There were tired, busy and grumpy people everywhere fulfilling their daily consumption duty. The sounds of the forest had changed into a kingdom of worry and noise. People had forgotten their roots.

One day there was Tervarumpu. Tervarumpu lived off the forest and nature was its home. Tervarumpu gave people a way to go back in time to the place where it all began. It gave people a chance to breathe and dream, to have adventures and explore. And when a day full of life was ending, Tervarumpu would make sure people had a cosy shelter, where it was safe to dream about the old times. Life was authentic and moderate.

And so, people felt good again. There was a way to get away from the dull everyday life and get some energy – to live like in the olden days. 

People returned to their roots – to the forest.

© Repovalkea Oy / Tervarumpu

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